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    • Rubber Machine Barrel Screw Design Requirements

      1. Processing range: the smallest hole Φ14, the largest Φ300X8000mm
      2. Raw materials: SACM645, SKD61, West Germany 8407, HPT materials, Assab Sweden steel, 38CrMoALA.
      3. Surface roughness: Ra0.4μm
      4. Straightness: 0.015mm / m
      5. Modulation time of 28 hours or more, quenching and tempering HRC26-30 degrees, gas vacuum nitriding time of 96 hours or more, nitriding hardness HRC62 above, screw straight 0.015mm.
      6. Double alloy technical indicators: the imported alloy powder Xaly108NicrWCCO, evenly sprayed on the surface of the screw and cast in the material tube hole, the alloy layer can reach 2.0mm-3.0mm.
      7. Scope: ordinary plastic PP, PS, ABS, PC, PMMA, PVC, PPA, PPS, LCP, and so on.
      8. Treatment: nitriding, quenching, spray alloy, electroplating hard chrome.

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