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  • Features:
    The material is special stainless steel, treated with quenching treatment, hard HR55-58. It is suitable for all transparent and corrosive supplies, and the lifespan is long.
    Our company provide all kinds of screw, such as PVC, PC, nylon&glass fiber, bakelite, ceramic powder, halogen-free, etc.

    • Injection Molding Machine Barrel & Screw Constitutional Diagram


      Injection volume: 30g-50000g

      Screw diameter: type Ф18-Ф250

      Clamping force: 250KN-32000KN

      Material:38crMoAIA, hardening and tempering, nitrogen treatment

      Surface hardness:HV≥900

      Nitriding layer thickness: 0.5-0.8mm

      Injection molding machine screw & barrel category: 

      The barrel can be divided into integral type, sectional type, bushing type, casting type, and bimetallic type.

      Integral type barrel:

      It is the most used barrel in injection molding machines and extruders, especially for small and medium sized machines.

      The barrel usually made from 38CrMoALA, it can control the temperature accurately, and the processing precision can be guaranteed.

      Sectional type barrel:

      It is mainly used in large extruders and air-vented type extruders. Because the barrel has several sections, the processing is much easier, but the temperature control error is relatively bigger.

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