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  • The film blowing machine screw section is screw groove fixed depth, beyond its main function of mixing, transporting melt glue, and metering, it also need to provide sufficient pressure to maintain uniform melt glue temperature and to stabilize molten plastic flow. Long metering zone means good mixing effect, but if it is too long, the melt will stay much longer, lead to thermal decomposition. However, too short metering zone causes uneven temperature.

    • Film Blowing Machine Screw

      Film blowing machine screw length-diameter = screw working length (mm) / screw diameter (mm)

      Film blowing machine screw compression ratio = feed tooth depth (mm) / metering tooth depth (mm)

      Film blowing machine screw features:

      1. Film blowing machine screw has high length-diameter ratio, strong plasticizing capacity, even temperature distribution, and automatic temperature control properties.

      2. Rotary nose is optional according to customer’s requirement.

      3. Various coil forms for choose.

      4. Film blowing machine screw adopts advanced converter technique, energy-efficient.

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